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Blue Jar Barn is a lifelong family passion. Growing up, some of our best memories are of spending time on our grandpa’s farm: the old John Deere tractor in the field, eating ice-cold watermelon and chasing fireflies. Family, friends, music, and storytelling filled these evenings. So grab a Mason jar full of sweet tea or lemonade or mix them together for something really special, and allow me to tell you a bit more about Blue Jar Barn.

Blue Jar Barn is the region’s most unique Wedding & Event Venue. Our 4800-square foot pole barn pavilion is the cornerstone of 24 of the most beautiful and versatile acres in South Carolina. The history or “soul” of the farm—as we call it--will quickly make you feel welcome and at home—and you just might find yourself singing a sweet song or running barefoot though the wildflowers in our meadows. Just minutes from Anderson and a short, half-hour drive from Greenville. Blue Jar Barn is centrally and conveniently located for you and all your guests. If you are looking for that family farm feeling without being “a little” too far out...Blue Jar Barn is the perfect blend.

It looks like you’re ready for a refill on that sweet tea...so give us a call to speak with one of our professional event staff and schedule a visit. We look forward to helping you design the perfect event and the perfect day. 

-The Turner Family